Spotify-The Bird and The Bee

Out of the gate we are in new musical territory with this tribute to Van Halen by The Bird and The Bee. This is not heavy metal, hard rock or pop. It’s a jazz twinged mashup that is delightful.  Starting with Running with The Devil you’ll fall under their spell. The freaky complex arrangements with a popping piano are joyous. Are they scatting on Hot for Teacher? Or is that rapping? And then we have their version of Jump. The wailing guitar lights up the cd and pisses you full of happiness. And the smooth sounds of Jamie’s Cryn’ can sweeten your mood and take your anxiety down a notch. The Kink’s old classic You Really Got Me is an up-tempo sweeping bubbler. The quiet Diamond Dave lets you down easily with the barebones piano dribbling you off into another world.

The Bird & The Bee ft. Dave Grohl: Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – YouTube

The Bird and the Bee – Wikipedia


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