Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Tarantino’s homage to the Hollywood of the late 1960’s rings false. Despite an emotional gut- wrenching performance by Leonardo Di Caprio as an aging actor, the film has no soul. Margot Robbie gives a subtle luminous performance as Sharon Tate but Tarantino doesn’t give her enough stretching room to make a rich complex performance. Using the Tate La Bianco murders as a backdrop fills you with an unsatisfying dread. And you can’t fault the magnificent production design and costumes impeccably recreating 1969. You’ll be gasping at the images of life on Hollywood Boulevard filmed by Robert Richardson. Those crane tracking shots are brilliant. But nostalgia can only go so far during the 2 hour and 45-minute length. With the KHJ top thirty soundtrack blaring in your head, you’ll swear you’ve traveled back in time. Yet the endless reenactment of B movies of the era stresses your patience. Tarantino’s use of dialogue rarely rises above routine. And don’t get me started with the fairy tale ending mixed with gratuitous violence.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Wikipedia

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