Spotify-Madame X-Madonna

Madonna’s new cd is an eclectic mix of songs. It’s difficult to unify these tunes. There is a subdued quality that might grow on you. Sprinkling some Latino tracks is a smart commercial move. When you are approaching sixty, it’s difficult to get your music played on the radio. The three Spanish songs– Gostoso dueting with Anitta  and  Bitch I’m Loca and Medellin dueting with Maluma serve the album well. The songs don’t challenge her voice but her instrument is in fine form. The epic Dark Ballet is a sweeping melodrama filled with intricate arrangements and harmony that is one of the classiest cut on this fifteen song set. She follows with another rich vogue retro song God Control. The symphonic swirling combined with dance music rumbling is a wealthy assault on your senses.

Madonna, Maluma – Medellín (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Madame X (album) – Wikipedia

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