Poem-Cookie Jar

I dig into the cracked ceramic pottery.

My digits search for crumbs of chocolate.

Instead the gooey honey becomes imbedded into my fingernails.

Each of my now slimy sticky digits become glued to each other.

The tingling electrical sleep makes my thumb freeze.

The jar lid closes around my wrist.

I am shackled to the container.

Thrashing to free myself from the grip

I bang the pot against the barren wall.

The shattered pieces fly

Fragment themselves to the floor.

Honey cements my feet to the wood floor.

Even though my hand is free

I remained fastened in place.

Crushing anxiety leaves me paralyzed.

A sweet dream that became a sour nightmare

Glares at the puddle on the floor.

I am transfixed

Driven into a meditative state

Refresh negative toxins secreting from my pores.

Languishing as a statue longs for admiration from the art world.



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