The Good Fight

CBS access is giving us a chance to see the spinoff of The Good Wife for at least the first four episodes for free. This is a phenomenally successful spinoff that grabs you by the throat with characters you’ll love, stories that will intrigue you, and unapparelled lawyer authenticity. Shout out to Bernadette Peters in a role similar to the wife of  Bernie Madoff. But this show is anchored by Christine Baranski. This under rated actress pulls out all the stops and whisks us through entertainment miracles.

The Good Fight – Official Trailer – CBS – YouTube

The Good Fight – Wikipedia

One thought on “The Good Fight

  1. I agree! Where are you? I like the new board very much.Pop from #205 is on there too now Did you ever read “A Little life”? I may have asked you this before. I’m almost 80.I am listening to the audio book, disc # 25 of 26!!!It’s so well written and so hard to listen to. (I know about about ending with the infinite. I was an English teacher. I just do what I want now because nobody cares. In case you see any grammatical errors just know that. OK?  I am careful when I write to young people. Ironic because they never even know the difference mostly).

    Tell me how much fun you are having. How about pics?I have a callback to “Let’s Make a Deal” today. Fun,fun,fun!Barbra


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