Podcasts of the Week-Glenda Jackson and Mind Fixers

Two superb Fresh Air interviews this week. First off Glenda Jackson electrifies us with her discussion of her film career, her undertaking of King Lear currently on Broadway, and the dynamism of her twenty-three years in British Parliament. The other podcast deals with the new book “Mind Fixers” by Anne Harrington. She explains why pharmaceutical companies are leaving the psychiatric field due to the discovery of the “placebo effect.” When drug companies realized they had to beat a placebo, the cost became prohibitive.

Glenda Jackson’s Son Didn’t Know She Was a Famous Actress – YouTube

Mind Fixers Psychiatry’s Troubled Search for the Biology of Mental Illness Audiobook – YouTube

Actor Glenda Jackson Is King Lear : NPR

How Psychiatry Turned To Drugs To Treat Mental Illness : NPR

Glenda Jackson – Wikipedia

Excerpt from Anne Harrington’s “Mind Fixers” | Harvard Magazine






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