The Red Line-Revised to Must See Guilty Pleasure!

Greg Berlanti tries to do his television magic with the new CBS limited series “The Red Line”.  Co-producer Ava Duvernay adds a few moments of authenticity to the project. Entertaining melodrama with multiple story lines are Greg’s hallmark touches. And he has plenty to work with. An interracial gay male couple with an adopted daughter. An unarmed black man shooting. The white police officer found not guilty. Political intrigue. Transgendered characters. Search for a birth mother. If you have a headache already, this is just the first episode so look out for a migraine. I will grant you there are moments during the two-hour premiere that work. The show is a fine return for Noah Wyle from ER. Based on the goodwill from Berlanti’s other shows which include Everwood, Brothers and Sisters, and God Friended Me, I will give it another shot before I delete serial recording on my DVR.

Watch CBS’ The Red Line Trailer – YouTube

The Red Line (TV series) – Wikipedia


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