Toro y Moi Spotify Release

Get ready for Toro y Moi. Don’t even think about listening to this cd without your feet jumping into uncontrollable dance steps. And you’ll be hard pressed to figure out what instruments are being used in the first track “Fading”. “Ordinary Pleasures” mixes your head with competing harmonic riffs. Don’t tell Calvin Harris that Toro y Moi is stealing from him. Each track slides into the next. OMG-is Donna Summer haunting this cd. You’ll treasure the knockout arrangement on Laws of the Universe. Then things get all spooky with “Miss Me” featuring ABRA. Did Janet Jackson approve this whispering track?  Well if she can pull off these lyrics “I know all that it makes to see you glazed in sweat. I’ll taste curse on your lips if you don’t give into me, baby” then Janet should start to worry. On “Baby Drive it Down” there is an elegant driving rhythm complimenting the clipped phrasing and minimalist tracking. “Freelance” is the perfect millennial anthem with the lines “Nothing’s ever worse than work unnoticed Freelance now, yeah, I guess you earned it.” “Who Am I” feels like new age rapping brass showcase. The dreamy
“Monte Carlo” featuring Wet is a sweet homage his 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The “50-50” finale track featuring Instupendo mellows you out so your feet can return to reality.

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