Quack premiering at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City is an entertaining mess. Irritating in spurts with a bunch of characters you don’t want to spend much time with. The glossy fast paced plot ultimately make for a refreshing theatrical evening. The Dr. OZ like lead is being brought down by a vaccination crisis. The characters include his “All About Eve” nurse assistant, the journalist who exposes him, the questionable faithful wife, and a mystery right wing cult leader. Issues of obesity, misogyny, white male entitlement, and #me2 percolate through a combination of preachy dialogue and comedic one liners. The comedic edge helps with the digestion of the two hour intermission less play. The set is stupendous with a magical turntable sequence that gives some heft to the proceedings. The cast was fine with the exception of the lead who couldn’t quite make his obnoxious personality connect with the audience.



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