Spotify Release-Walls

There is a healthy heft to Barbra’s voice in this entertaining political outing. This is the first time in over a decade that ½ of the eleven cuts are original compositions.

She begins with the beautiful conversational “What’s on Your Mind.”

Barbra tackles a medley of “Imagine” and “What a Wonderful World” with her brilliant instincts.

The title track “Walls” is a meditative slow burn

“Lady Liberty” is a gorgeous rendering.

Another cover of “What the World Needs Now”. I’m a bit sick of that song but Barbra tries to give it a new spin.

“The Rain Will Fall” is an upbeat welcome track. Barbra loves the melodrama in the lyrics

One day we may be lifted
High up above it all
But today the sky grows darker

She lets us rediscover Bernstein’s “Take Care of this House” from  the musical “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” with her pristine phrasing. Thank goodness Barbra’s soaring voice can comfort us.

Take of this house
Be always on call
Care for this house
It’s the hope of us all

Who knew she could find a new way to bring back her first hit “Happy Days Are Here Again”. Is she crying at the end of the song?

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