Poem of the Week-My Mother

She gave me a passion

For reading.

Watching her make

Eggplant pargmigan

Where she layered

The casserole with cheese

Marinara sauce

And eggplant

Initiated my love

Of cooking.

When I ate a crinkly potato chip

And couldn’t stop

I remember her saying

It’s your body

Telling you

What it needs

 Since I have no

 Sense of smell

 Her philosophy of

“When in doubt throw it out”

Is always followed.

I inherited

Her time organization skills

Being punctual

Never procrastinating

I renewed my passport

And driver’s license

Six months

In advance.

But when she told me,

“Gordon, It’s very easy

To make someone

Fall in love with you.

You just need to show

Them your good qualities.”

I have questioned that philosophy.

Maybe I should have

Used the song

By the Supremes-

“You Can’t Hurry Love”

 As a better motto.

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