Poem of the Week-60 minutes

On my 60th Birthday

 I gave the drash

 At my temple.

 Koo-Ka-Roo chicken catered

The dinner before the service

 At Beth Chayim Chadishim.

My shining hour

Was the last time

I felt connected

To my spirituality.

Standing in front of

100 congregants

 Holding their attention

 Made me feel present

Thanks to the words

Written by Jeff Bernhardt

I talked about Leviticus

That forbids homosexuality

Noted that many reformed temples

Exclude that portion of the bible

To avoid offending anyone.

But in fact,

By removing that passage

The LGBTQ community

Is made invisible.

When I spoke

I was flying.


 That my mom Nita

And writer friend Steve

Witnessed my sermon

Are no longer alive

Gives my eyes

A chance to ….

That hour of ecstasy

Lasted for another 24 hours

Far longer

Then my moments of joy remain

 in my current state of age 70.

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