Poem of the Week-Motivational Speaker

If I could wipe away every cliché

No life coach

No positive words

Get your asses in gear

Make your life a sexy bombshell

Feed your eyes with ice cream

Roar through your tears

Rip off your bandaids

Before you have healed

So the scars will be visible

Stay in the bathtub

Until your fingers

Become prunes

Let your nails grow

So long that they are

Filled with dirt

Find the belt you

Don’t fit in

And squeeze it

Around your waist

Make believe

Your hair dandruff

Is really snowflakes.

Never tweeze

Unwanted hair in your

Nose or Ears

Advertise the dryness

In your eyebrows

And elbows

And hope this poem makes you laugh.

One thought on “Poem of the Week-Motivational Speaker

  1. You are getting better and better

    Don’t expect another bday card this year


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