Poem of the Week-Drive My Dart

`In 1968 at Fairfax High, I took Driver’s Training.

              So, I could maneuver our 1966 Dart.

I became a robin who at just learned to fly

              I had been training since five

              In the backstreet of Garden City Park.

              Where my silver Schwinn bike that

              My sister, Elyse, called it a Cadillac

              A road less traveled

              On my father’s lap

              Gripping the steering wheel

              Watching with eagle eyes

              Letting Dad use his long legs

              To control the gas and brake pedals

              If I could drive away bullies

              If I could stop Widow’s row

              From killing all the husbands

              On Marcus Avenue

              Because of the cancer ridden

              Garbage Dump fumes

              Blowing into the men’s blood

              But now I just wanted to drive my car

              With my father, Mickey

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