Queers Across Years

It’s official! You’re invited to ‘#Queers Across Years: an #intergenerational video project’ that I participated in. Please join me for the #worldpremiere Friday, 7/8 @ 7pm on http://www.queerwise.net. Produced by #QueerWise and supported with an arts grant from the #CityofWeho

Queers Across Years will feature a group of younger (ages 18-25) and older (50+) LGBTQIA+ community members sharing personal thoughts, ideas, and writings via a pre-recorded video event.


The piece was developed over the course of three workshops where participants shared personal thoughts, ideas, and writings. The workshops were composed of pairs of younger and older participants with members of QueerWise. The stories shared were developed into the material woven into the video tapestry.

QueerWise received a grant from the City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division to develop this project.

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