Damaged Care

The first chapter of my new novel Damaged Care is available for free on Kindle Vella. Each week a new chapter will be published.

Damaged Care | Kindle Vella

Shoshana had spent her life selflessly caregiving to AIDS patients and the infirm elderly. But when she is found murdered, the last people she had contact with the night before she died, are glad about Shoshana’s passing. Abigail, the old depraved Jewish woman Shoshana was caring for; Ben, Abigail’s gambling addicted son; Max, who has had a fifty-year unrequited love for Abigail; and ex-convict Gerri, housekeeper in Abigail’s home. Could it be that this host of characters actually wanted Shoshanna dead? Each chapter of Damaged Care will bring the reader closer to the answer, as the mystery is unraveled in this devilishly clever who-done-it.

One thought on “Damaged Care

  1. It sounds VERY good! Got a hard copy for me?

    Btw: I enjoyed Beauty! It was so differently done Although the script was trite the music made up for it



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