Conversations with RBG

It’s amazing how timely this book is because she talks about Texas abortion rights. I love the way her perspective included men when laws were written that were sexist—as though the woman is always the caregiver, housewife and those benefits weren’t transferrable if a man was doing those same duties.

When RBG interrupted Sandra day O’Conner, which men do all the time, in USA Today it was the headline Rude Ruth interrupter. Then an academic wrote an op-ed piece saying RBG was a Jew from NYC and talks fast while O’Connor is laid back from The Golden West. People knew RBG spoke two words for her everyone.

She talks about unconscious bias.  Not sure if it is more inclusive term for racism homophobia, ageism etc.

The only negative criticism I have, relates to  a repetitive quality where Jeffrey Rosen will foreshadow what the conversation with RBG will be about and then she repeats some of his words.

Conversations with RBG: A Book Talk with Jeffrey Rosen | The National Constitution Center

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