Thirty-Four Years ago, I had my first and only surprise birthday party. 1987 opened and shut with a spectrum of friends, family and lovers. A speck of happiness captured. The starched memories ironed out.

This is how I turned 50:

Saturday May 4, 2002     6:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

In the elegant recreation pavilion  overlooking the pool at Neal T. Wiener’s townhouse condominium:

54 Village Park  Way in Santa Monica

Gourmet dinner catered by Whole Foods.

Testimonials and Roasts encouraged

No gifts please.

RSVP to Gordon Blitz at 323-656-2548, e-mail bh782@juno.com by  April 15th.

Nine years ago, I read this poem as part of my 60th Birthday drash at BCC.    


Soak up books, music, theater, and films voraciously

Before you become cynical

Discover moments of pure joy 

Learn to be happy

Be charitable to yourself and your community

Experiment with relationships

Explore different parts of your sexuality and gender

To find your comfort zone

Let your friends, family and lovers know your secrets

Avoid what’s expected of you

Learn how to make someone fall in love with you

Make the words “I love you” come easily in your vocabulary

When it arrives

Give yourself a break-don’t beat yourself up

Allow yourself to cry so that your soul can be cleansed

Don’t be afraid or bored of God and religion

Sleep peacefully, dream of the future

Relish the experiences of the past

Be grateful.  

Four years ago my 65th was an Oasis celebration. 

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