Oliver Sacks and Frank Baum-PBS American Masters

Takeaways from these brilliant American Masters- Frank Baum, creator of Wizard of Oz, followed theospy develope by Helena Blavatsky:

Theosophy “transmutes the apparently base metal of every ritualistic and dogmatic creed (Christianity included) into the gold of fact and truth, and thus truly produces a universal panacea for the ills of mankind. This analogy explains the “difference between the exoteric and the esoteric interpretation of symbols, myths, legends, scriptures, folklore,” that is, almost of all forms of cultural material. From the point of view of Blavatsky, Theosophy is a filter, through which must be skipped and “transmuted” all religious attributes. She sincerely believes that “this methodology” is urgently needed to correct the distorted representation of the exoteric side of religion.[15]

The trajectory of Oliver Sacks makes for a fascinating journey of this brilliant neurologist who remains a closeted gay man until his seventies. His thinking outside the box in treating mental illness is a spiritual viewing experience.   

American Experience | American Oz | Season 33 | Episode 4 | PBS

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life | American Masters | PBS

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