Poem of the Week-Fainting

The golden age of work

Provided an annual physical in 1978

 I passed with flying rainbow colors

 Until the physician said, “My goodness.

 You’ve got a lot of wax in your ear.

 I’m going to remove it.

The cathartic release

Freed my ear from stuffiness.

The physician explained,

“Look at this gooey piece.

 You should be able to hear much better now.”

He stuck the globby wax

Extracted from my ear

With Streaking blood

Into my face

I couldn’t imagine how

He was able to disengage

The oversized chunk.

In the next moment

I awakened to see

The doctor bringing paddles

To shock my heart.

“You must have fainted.

 We thought you had a heartache

wanted to bring you back.”

I was no longer a virgin fainter.

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