Poem of the Week-The Magic Bite-Fiction

The blaring southern exposure sun

 Strained to creep through

My double pain glass windows.

Creative juice is drying

Like my chapped lips.

Release my constipated toxins.

Listening to Spotify

music application

Focuses my distraction.

Windy trees slap against the window.

Without stepping outside

My eyes become sandy filled.

My corneas scream scratchy fumes.

I want to stretch muscles.

My unshaven face itches.

When was the last shower embrace?

Four days ago

Am I depressed because,

I don’t care how I look

or smell?

I require intimate contact

To percolate innovation.

I make a last dash to the bathroom

 To relieve my bladder.

The irritating coffee caffeine

 Continues to do uplifting damage.

It’s worth the constant urinary

Bathroom visit.

Wrapped in the mummified

Warmth of sweater layers

off white smudged scarf

Wool cap I venture

To brisk biting cold

Turn around and

Return to my coven

Until I meet

A bellowing schnauzer.

With a howling bark

shoots towards me.

Do I run or remain still?

Where is the master leash?

A strained dog

Jumps into me.

Petrification stops me

in my position

as the claws dig

into my meat.

‘Ow! Get your fuckn’ dog off me”

The monster owner yanks

His best friend off of me.

“I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?”

Blood is gushing the wound.


When I awaken,

Unfamiliar surroundings.

My leg is propped up on a pillow.

Her blonde hair

Shimmering from the light says,

“I’m an on-call nurse at Cedar’s.

“Is my leg o.k.?

 “Do I have rabies?”

“You’re fine.

 Washed and bandaged wound.

 Didn’t hit the bone.

 No stitches.

 “Can I get you anything?”

“I need to pee.”

“Let me help you.

“I don’t want you to pass out again.”

“I fainted?”

“I think the combination of pain,

 Being in shock

Seeing that blood

You lost consciousness.

As I stand,

I become light headed

As she gently holds my shoulders,

Strength increases.

Her pudgy puffy hands cushion me

I limp from my injured leg.

She leads me to the bathroom.

I quickly urinate

I want my mother earth to care for me

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