The Crown-Season Four-Net Flix

Gillian Anderson gives a rip-roaring portrayal of Margaret Thatcher that is far superior to Meryl Streep’s Iron Lady. Olivia Coleman gradually absorbs us into the role of the Queen beginning in episode five where a commoner breaks into Buckingham Palace and has a discussion with the Queen about the economy, health care, and support systems. Cole and Anderson give a good whack at each other for melodramatic fireworks. Thatcher is made into a Trump like character towards the end of the series when she is forced to resign as Prime Minister. And Of course, the other centerpiece is the work of the actors portraying Charles and Dianna. The blowup towards the end is good enough to compete with the Linda Evans and Joan Collins feud. A minor complaint is the flat final episode.

The Crown Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

The Crown (season 4) – Wikipedia

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