Line of Duty-Amazon Prime

This British series about good cops/bad cops has a lot going for it. The multi-faceted characters are compelling to watch. And during the six-episode premiere season the viewer witnesses, children bribery for school choice, hit and run, drug busts, racism, an interracial affair, money laundering, and police and children corruption. But as the episodes progress the intertwined plots become more convoluted. Your head begins swimming from the flip flopping -character intentions. The possible morally bankrupt Lennie James handles his role as the highly decorated police chief being investigated for corruption brilliantly. His nemesis, the adorable Martin Compston, makes for highly watchable melodrama. This Amazon prime show is worth a look  at least the first season. I have included the link for one of the episodes from season one below.

Line of duty – I odc 1- Fahrenheit PL FULL HD – YouTube

Line of Duty – Wikipedia

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