The Reagans-Amazon

Talk about a guilty pleasure, the miniseries The Reagans which premiered on Showtime in 2003, is wonderful escapist trash. Judy Davis and James Brolin are spot on as Nancy and Ronald. They can make the most ridiculous dialogue sound believable. The program covers all the hotspots. Nancy’s obsession with astrology and redecorating the white house. The dysfunctional parenting is on full display. Debates with Carter, Iran Contras, Ron Reagan’s ballet career, the assassination attempt, ignoring AIDS and the beginning of Reagan’s Alzheimer symptoms are all dealt with in five minutes! The similarities with Trump’s reign of terror show how the American people don’t have to work very hard to get duped. A devastating portrayal of the president that Republicans idolize to this day.

  The Reagans (2003 Miniseries) Opening Minutes – YouTube

The Reagans – Wikipedia

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