Lovecraft Country-HBO

A little bit Greek Book, Watchmen, and Aliens, this series taking place in segregated locations during the 1950’s is a compelling watch. Of severe violence and pristine recreations are a must to get anything on premium television or streaming shows. But with exceptional writing and performances you may overlook the cliché’s and familiarity breeding in the genre that threaten to unravel LoveCraft Country. HBO is kindly offering the premiere if you click on the below link.

Lovecraft Country (TV series) – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Lovecraft Country-HBO

  1. What is it about? Where else can I see it beside HBO? I can’t find “Yes God Yes” anywhere for free Can you help? Have you seen it?? I LOVE the trailers and keep watching them over and overthere is so much for free that I can’t reconcile to paying for anything more than Hulu ,Prime and NetfilxBarbra


  2. I was a huge Lovecraft fan in college. Later, when I discovered what a virulent. racist he was I was appalled to say the least. The idea of using his own mythos to highlight the horror of racism is brilliant. I’m so in for this series.

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