Hunters-Amazon Prime

Hunters is a violent entertainment melodrama about a group Nazi-hunters circa New York City 1977. Al Pacino heads the cast and does his best to hold his irritable vowel syndrome in check. Because of historical inaccuracies the series has caused a controversy.  There is a gasping sequence taking place in a Nazi concentration camp where the prisoners are marching while a four-piece band is playing German tunes. The band begins playing “Hava Nagila” and the German officers go ballistic. They start screaming, “Stop playing that Jewish song.” The band continues undeterred and the officer shoots all four of the musicians. Three of them die instantly while the fourth musician nearing death continues singing “Hava Nagila”.

You must suspend belief to watch and enjoy the limited series. Carol Kane gives the performance of her career. Its message is pertinent relating to the recent spate of Anti-Semitism. And of, course anything Jordan Peele is involved in is worth a look-see.

Hunters – Official Trailer | Prime Video – YouTube

Hunters (2020 TV series) – Wikipedia

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