The Pass

The Pass is a stagey adaption of a British play that takes place in three different hotel rooms to create an unnecessary claustrophobia. Russel Tovey stars as a closeted soccer player and how that impacts his life over the course of fifteen years. He is self-obsessed, obnoxious, and annoying with no redeeming qualities. Only at the end of the film is there any type of sympathy towards his character. Tovey goes deep and probably gives his best performance to date. Whether that makes this film watchable is up to debate. The fact that his chiseled body is on full display for the ninety minutes doesn’t hurt. The film got raves review from the British press. I didn’t see any American reviews. The goodwill of a successful West end play probably has something to do with the favorable reception in England. Ultimately, the film is difficult to watch.


The Pass (2016 film) – Wikipedia

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