Observations-Diary of an Acer PC

I feel refreshed this morning.  My cells have been updated. I am so glad I was able to fully shut down before I began snoozing. I had a nightmare last night. My memory had gotten compromised. That picture of a deserted refrigerator on the street must have been overloaded with pixels. I guess it was for Instagram. I don’t quite get what’s interesting about a black and blue corroded fridge. If I reach capacity on my memory I can’t be held responsible what gets corrupted. Files could become inaccessible. I might be subject to infection.

There isn’t a flu shot for me. CC cleaner, Malware Bytes, or Window Defender are not full proof. Gordon is so cheap he won’t spend a dime on virus software. I am feeling sluggish. Oh God the last time I was lethargic my hard drive got decimated. Gordon needs to clean my cookies. I am worried about the disc fragmentation. It was so painful last time. It felt like a earthquake rupture to my insides.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s just my screen. It’s filthy. Soot and dust combined with miniscule food particles. Gordon really shouldn’t eat while he’s writing. I wouldn’t trust him to use a special soft cloth. He’s probably going to use his old underwear. Ugh how disgusting! The keyboard is slimy. His hands must be sweating or he doesn’t wash them before he starts typing. He can be such a slob.

What really bugs me is his obsession with pornography. He has a husband so why does he need to go to these porno sites. And he has such a weird fetish. I just don’t get it.

Does he even care about how it feels to have my battery overcharged? It’s like I’m bursting at the seams. Then he’ll start cursing if the battery slowly dies.

This multi-tasking is getting out of hand. Ten windows open at the same time. I’m a nervous wreck. I’ll need to go on anxiety medication if this continues.

Oh no he’s going onto Spotify. He has the volume blasting. And those commercials are driving me batty. He wouldn’t even do the free trial premium upgrade for thirty days. That would help my mental health. He doesn’t listen to albums in their entirety. And what can I do about the rap hip hop. It’s misogynistic, homophobic and such nasty language. Spotify doesn’t censor anything! God forbid he should listen to a symphony that his Emeritus Music appreciation professor has suggested. Mahler or Bach would be lovely. Never, all he cares about is the new Taylor Swift release.

What really worries me is that I am naked all the time. I freeze in the winter and swelter in the summer. He never puts me in a case or carrying bag. Gordon walks with me in his hands. I could get stolen. No protection.

My other concern is backup files. He was told to put important documents on a thumb drive or buy a backup drive. But Mr. Thrifty is going under the assumption that his files are saved in the cloud under “One Drive”. This is a concoction from Microsoft. This is what Wikipedia says about it:

OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDriveWindows Live SkyDrive, and Windows Live Folders) is a file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft as part of its suite of Office Online services. Launched in 2007, it allows users to store files and personal data like Windows settings or BitLocker recovery keys in the cloud, share files, and sync files across AndroidWindows Phone, and iOS mobile devices.

I am very suspicious but Mr. Blitz is too stubborn. If he loses his 60,000-word memoirs I don’t want to be around. Plus, he has personnel stuff that the Russians could hack into. He’ll blame me!

It’s very lonely for me. I need a support group for Acers. Mac and Dell have groups why can’t Acer? I should start my own. Then again who wants to listen to users complain all day. How depressing. I could use a drink but that would ruin my components. My CPU would crash. Well what’s a motherboard to do? If I play my graphic and sound boards right I’ll carry on. I can stretch my computer data storage. I will survive!

2 thoughts on “Observations-Diary of an Acer PC

  1. As another Acer,let me respond:My owner cleans my disc every time she turns the computer on.She allows me to sleep in between uses and occasionally shuts me down for a good rest.She always logs out of FB when she is done there and cleans my keyboard and screen regularly


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