Poem of the Week-Grounded

Shake your body down to the ground*

Circus, studio, office, odyssey, after dark

Oil can, apache east and west

Every night freedom awaited

He was there sweating,

Dancing-full control

Songs we knew

Higher and Higher


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Talk to the D.J.

Platform shoes

Heals with patent leather

Orange and Red

Bottoms with bells

Tops with jeans

Backlit at the backlot

Chita, Barbara, Roslyn, Julie, Jane

Sally, Helen, & Morgana

Sang their torch

Clapped till raw

Whooped with screams

Scott, Nita, and Paul

Lover, mom, and friend

No drinks

Rotten food

Rain on the table

No minimum

No maximum

Our breath taken away

Flashing lights

Popping out of their noses

Danced our bodies to the ground

*before we knew

Jacksons ft. Michael Jackson – Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) • TopPop – YouTube

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