Poem of the week-Slammed Happiness

Queer slam

At East Hollywood


Sharing my memoirs

With a sweeping


Plus I-tune podcasts

Highlighted once

each thirty days

During the past year

Corona closed the bar

Withdrawal symptoms

From not performing

E-mail pops on my acer

Hey Gordon

We will be going virtual

But until then

A special episode


Just Gordon

Assembling Your best stories

Will be Rebroadcast

Joyful wetness

Seeps from my eyes

Not since my wedding

In 2008

Have I wept from


The wrenching stories

Of The last sixty-seven years

Covet me

Leaping depression remission

Viral trauma suppressed

I am in wonderland

Or Cinderella dancing

At the glittery ball

Endorphins blooming

Grilling stillness

Waiting in the wings

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