The Windermere Children

The Windermere Children is required viewing. Available on PBS and related stations along with Spectrum on demand in the near future. This film about a busload of Polish Jewish children that survived the holocaust in 1945, is beautifully told. Their reintroduction into civilization in Calgarth Estate, England gives us a untold story about how children process horror. This uplifting, spiritual and tear infested movie is the perfect antidote to our current crisis. It will give you a new coping perspective.


The Windermere Children | PBS

2 thoughts on “The Windermere Children

  1. Tue, Apr 7 at 9:26 AMMy daughter in law is back to work in the hospital and my daughter sounds fine over the phone!

    My niece in a nursing home is positive and I spoke with her yesterday. She had exactly the same symptoms as my ex husband who was sick on my couch for 3 days When they start testing for antibodies I am sure I will be positive and I will gladly donate my plasma


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