Spotify Release-Weeknd

Canadian Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (Weeknd) has released another masterwork album After Hours. His hip hop pop sensibilities richly grow with each release. He caresses lyrics in Hardest To Love. He haunts the listener with a seamless integration of indie rock, post punk, and soul. In Scared to Live he rips through a rollicking melody to frighten. Weeknd spits out honesty in his relationships with Heartless. The full bodied bombastic Faith is a juicy treat. And you can never tire of the listening to the hit single Blinding Lights. So reward yourself with a listen to After Hours.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights – Vintage Dance Choreography – Roberto F – YouTube

The Weeknd – Wikipedia

One thought on “Spotify Release-Weeknd

  1. I am always impressed by what a good writer you are.Have you written any books or anything I could read? Are you still going back and forth? Where are you staying?


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