The top ten mistakes director Tom Hooper made with Cats:

1)The dreary art direction and costumes made Les Misérables look elegant.

2)Lifeless pacing

3)The performers were in a constant state of awe-blank stares of confusion. They must have been seeing the dailies and realize how creepy they looked in their cat outfit!

4)The non-existent story concept inflames the audience

5)The dancing is filmed without any sense of movement, creating the least amount of enjoyment.

6)The repetitive score is annoying.

7)Jennifer Hudson gives a dire and contrived teary version of Memory with only a few moments of chills towards the end of the song when she is allowed to belt.

8)A chandelier to lift Hudson to the heavens—as if we needed a reminder that Andrew Lloyd Weber gave the world Phantom of The Opera

9)Cockroaches dancing?

10)Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, and James Corden were disastrous casting choices.

Cats Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers – YouTube

Cats (2019 film) – Wikipedia

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