Jo Jo Rabbit

I wish I had liked this film more. The unique premise of a young German boy named Jo Jo, creating a fantasy friend of Adolph Hitler reeks of thrilling originality. Sounds crazy no? Jo Jo Rabbit pretends to be a comedy as a small fraction of the audience was able to laugh at this send up of Nazis. The arc of the story that brings Jo Jo, his mother and a hidden girl in the attic has potential. But the juvenile humor gets in the way and takes you out of the plot. This ambitious film has high aspirations but never goes deep enough into anti-semitism to reveal a deep resonance. Clever photography and an evocative musical score do their best to hold the film together. And Roman Griffin Davis as Jo Jo makes a smashing film debut. His large expressive eyes work magic with the camera. Ultimately this is a worthwhile trip to experience an atypical movie.

JOJO RABBIT | Official Trailer [HD] | FOX Searchlight – YouTube

Jojo Rabbit – Wikipedia

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