I knew Hustlers could never live up to the hype. Would Jennifer Lopez really reinvent her acting? Partially yes. Her superstar persona breathed some life into this dreary women can be just as nasty as men true story. It was difficult for me to get past the dark and depressing plot. The female bonding lacked an emotional resonance. The film seemed to lack a vision and spin to ingratiate me. The director used a framing device that had the journalist who wrote the article about the lives of these Hustlers pop up every fifteen minutes. This was a drag on the film and despite an o.k. performance by Julia Stiles, did nothing to assist the film. It was fun to see Lizzo and Carly B. And you can never do wrong when you bookend the film with Janet Jackson’s Control and Miss You Much.

Hustlers Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers – YouTube

Hustlers (2019 film) – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Hustlers

  1. I am planning on seeing it on Tuesday 4 friends have raved about it and even the critics liked it. Except for you I will let you know

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