Spotify release-Sheryl Crow-Threads

Out the gate how could you not love Sheryl and Steve Nicks whipping through Prove You Wrong. But then Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staple prick your sensibilities with Live Wire. Most of the seventeen cuts were written by Ms. Crow and this being her last effort the results are outstanding. Tell Me It’s Over brings Sheryl and Chris Stapleton into the guitar riff stratosphere. The next track includes some country rap featuring Audra Day—Story of Everything. Beware of Darkness brings together Eric Clapton, Brandi Carlile and Sting in a mesmerizing mix. Clapton’s holy guitar rips. On Redemption Day Johnny Cash returns to life for the duet. Then we’ve got Neil Young taking liberties on Cross Creek Road. The rich list of duets is unfathomable. Even Jason Ibell who I am unfamiliar with has memorable moments on Everything is Broken. So, at this point hearing Keith Richards shouldn’t surprise anyone on The Worst. His weathered musing is flawless. Next up is Willie Nelson making Lonely Alone a treasured find. Kris Kristofferson sounds fine on Border Lord. Have we forgotten anyone? Oh no, It’s Joe Walsh rocking Still the Good Old Days. The next duet by St. Vincent is o.k. but the Lucius track Don’t sounds like a Dusty Springfield rejuvenation. Emily Lou brings her artistry to Nobody’s Perfect. So how does Sheryl decide how to end this masterpiece?   Apparently not with James Taylor. He came in next to last with Flying Blind. Ah so Vince Gill wins with the soulful stunner For the Sake of Love .

Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash – Redemption Day – YouTube

Sheryl Crow – Wikipedia

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