The Promised Land

This complicated politically intriguing novel about Israel starting in the 1940’s is immensely entertaining. Two brother Peter and Arie are in love with the same woman Tamara. The authenticity of the research gets muddled with the soap opera character action. When Arie commits murder the tone loses focus. There are gaps of time during the novel that leave plot points unanswered-Tamara dealing with Arie’s infidelity until much later in the novel. It’s very odd that every character is secular but maybe that’s not a surprise when they are all Israeli. Yet towards the end of the novel God begins creeping into the psyche of the characters.  War seem to bring out a belief in a higher power. A line from a young adult in the army. Ido’s heart leapt: there is a God. Arie says God don’t forget me, I’m on your side. I’m no prude but there is quite a bit of descriptive sex between characters that could be edited. We get the point! The clichés come fast and furious. What did a good woman do? A good woman about to become a bad woman. The flat ending leaves the reader perplexed.

Martin Fletcher Fred Kempe on new book Promised Land: A Novel of Israel, Camp David – YouTube

Promised Land | Martin Fletcher | Macmillan

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