Nancy F…ing Reagan

This well-intentioned play is a mess. The story is all over the map trying to focus on the 50th birthday of David. The simultaneous death of Nancy Reagan in March 2016 gives each character a chance to reflect on the Reagan’s dismissal of the AIDS crisis during their reign of terror in the white house. When you throw in racism and misogyny at the local college, the audience is thrown off balance. When the young gay black man Kenny declares that Nancy Reagan is the first enemy he’s encountered, all plausibility is lost. When the catharsis for Kenny is feeling part of the gay “tribe”, I threw up my hands in disgust. And when Kenny discovers his boyfriend of three months is HIV positive during the birthday party and Kenny has no reaction, I just gave up. This is old school gay playwrighting that doesn’t work in 2019. This tale needs to be told in an authentic manner.

Andrew Sullivan remembers the AIDS epidemic in the 80s – YouTube

Nancy F***ing Reagan – Judith E – Secret Rose Theater

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