The Impeachers

The Impeachers is a fascinating look at the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The similarities to Trump are uncanny. The phenomenal research is mind boggling. Despite Johnson being a Democrat, he was Lincoln’s running mate. As a Democrat of the 1860’s he did everything imaginable to prevent Black men from voting. The fights with congress with vetoes, firing of cabinet members and pardons flying faster than a speeding bullet are scary funny real. The literary comments about Johnson by Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Melville and Dickens are priceless. The violence against the black community during the reconstruction period is horrifying. This cautionary tale gives a bit of hope that the constitution and our country survived the failed Impeachment proceedings. Bravo to author Brenda Wineapple.

(1) A New Book Reveals Startling Parallels Between Impeached Andrew Johnson and Donald Trump – YouTube

Brenda Wineapple – Wikipedia


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