Spotify Release-Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s “Project 6” is an artistic smash. His collaborations with a who’s who of the hottest pop stars of this century is mind blowing. There isn’t a false note among these fifteen masterpieces. Don’t try to pick a favorite. Ed’s fluid voice blends beautifully with the likes of Khalid on Beautiful People or Cardi B and Carmila Cabrillo on South of the Border. There is a special rhythmic hook to Cross Me with Chance the Rapper that is irresistible. Best Part of Me with Yebra is a stunner. Then Justin Bieber magically mixes with Ed’s voice for fireworks on I Don’t Care. You will gasp in glee at the elegance of the duet with Eminem on Remember the Name. The wondrous Ella Mai thrills things up on Put it All on Me. H.E.R. is a perfect pairing on I Don’t Want Your Money. Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars make a grand finale on Blow. The guitar solo is a sonic boom of bliss.

(4) Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care [Official Video] – YouTube

Ed Sheeran – Wikipedia

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