Spotify Release-Johnnyswim

Singer/songwriter group Johnnyswim is made up of the real-life married couple Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano. Their new cd “Moonlight” is a stunning recollection of intimate senses between them. Kicking off with “Bridges”, the burning love comes through their mixture of spirited pop and soul. The next cut “Souvenir” gives us a sweetness with the lines “Then we’ll drive ‘til gas ran out It’s those little things that I hold dear I make them my souvenir.” With unique and refreshing arrangements, these irresistible songs take us back to our first love. “Long Gone” tells us “our love will stay when we’re long gone. Folk lullabies that linger in the aftermath of listening. “The Last Time” has a gargantuan hook cemented by Michael McDonald adding his deep soul. “Flowers” tries to compete with the Streisand/Diamond duet “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” with the crushing lines “You don’t have to bring me flowers. I’ll just leave ‘em for dead. Next up is “Marietta” with an upbeat driving drum. Abner’s drifts into falsetto territory chillingly. A lovely musing comes with “Back to you” that ends with the voice of children in the background. The title track “Moonlight” has a spooky arrangement. The combination of their voices engulf the listener. A mysterious dialogue ends the song and peaks our interest into this couple. The mesmerizing last track “Same Old Thing” has a grip you by the throat with “There’s no ring on the bed, you ain’t sleeping in it. Said a prayer in the church we got married in.” This is the type of disc that will gather nuances on subsequent listenings.

Johnnyswim – Bridges (Official Video) – YouTube

Johnnyswim – Wikipedia


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