Poem of the Week-Public Transport


15 minute impatient wait

Bus east on Santa Monica Blvd

Tense screaming fight to digest

Freezing air conditioning

Jacketed comfort lost

Into the depths of the subway at Vermont

Short stops until 17 RED line stations

Questioned Vodka drinker about expiration


No urinary relief

Two Hours

Arrive in Long Beach

Pissing solution

Meeting one of three gay uncles

Walk the pier stretching painful sciatica

Ending at P.F. Change for mouthful of

Gluten free shrimp pad Thai

Flirting and sweetly hassling the waiter

Blitz genetics

Two hour return to crib

Blue Line (Los Angeles Metro) – Wikipedia




One thought on “Poem of the Week-Public Transport

  1. 2 things. Maybe 3: Where’s PF? Don’t you think the extended Metro only brings more crime into the are ,even though it brings revenue to business owners? I stopped reading “As Close To Us As Breathing” about 1/3 of the way through because I realized that the reason it was taking me so long was because I was bored.So now I want to know what you and the book club thought about it,please


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