Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

The letters between an Israeli and a Palestinian provide a mechanism to clarify the seemingly unresolvable plague between them. This is mainly dry political writing rarely rising to an emotional and spiritual level. The arguments are easy to digest. The unique perspective gives us a good sense of the history of the region. The final chapters about the Holocaust were the only emotional section of the book. Some takeaways include the following:

Both Israeli and Palestinians are a contrived people.

The Jews are considered a religion rather than a country.

Palestinians may be Moslem but that isn’t what defines their boarders.

An argument to have boarders that were set in the 1967 Yom Kippur Wars be changed back to the boarders when the country originated in 1948.

To summarize this is an effective history lesson. Depending on your tolerance and interest will decide whether this is a worthwhile reading endeavor.

How to Become a Peacemaker – YouTube

Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor – Wikipedia

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