Observations-Book Groups

I’ve had scattered attendance at book groups. Two times during the last sixty-six years. Both times left me non-plussed. Choosing what I want to read is such a personnel decision. My intimate relationship with a book gives me a joyous spirituality. How could I let a consensus drive my decision? I don’t trust book reviewers or amazon comments. But my brain said give this social connection another chance. On Sunday I went to the book group through my temple BCC.  The razor-sharp discussion of the book “As Close to Us as Breathing” left me juiced up about the specialness of this type of interaction. Comments flew fast and furious as we delved into characters, plot, writing style, and the impact the novel brought to our lives. When you add the delicious food preceding the official starting time, it was a joyous Sunday event that relished my weekend. I am sold.

Books & Bagels Group | Beth Chayim Chadashim

2 thoughts on “Observations-Book Groups

  1. That happens to be exactly what I am reading right now! Will the club be discussing it again next time? Probably not. I missed my opportunity.What is Larry Nathenson’s email? Maybe i will go next time anyway. I would like to hear what you think after I have finished reading it. Can we do that?


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