Spotify Release-Dean Lewis

Australian Dean Lewis has the honeyed lilt to his voice that sweeps me off the charts. When he starts off with “Hold on Me”, we swoop into that singer songwriter stratosphere. He pushes Ed Sheeran off of his pedestal. He takes the listener into that special sweet spot with “7 minutes”.  When he cries the reframe “I forgot to love you.” don’t worry. This song redeems any form of love. Try not to melt as he sings “Dancing in hotel rooms, it was just me and you. We wouldn’t sleep all night, with you by my side” on the title track “A Place We Knew.”  Sean simmers in “Stay Awake” with his pop sensibilities in full force. With “Waves” we are in guitar lullaby territory. Next up is “Be Alright” the smash hit that has deservedly rocked the air waves since June 2018! In “Chemicals” it’s unclear what these lines mean “I found love with the chemicals. I used to pray for a miracle.” But hey with his musicality he can get away with anything. With “Straight Back Down” he energizes the mood and lifts us. In “Time to Go” he tries to say goodbye with “You’re caught in my head, you’re stuck in my mind. I’m trying my best to say my goodbyes.”  But we’re not letting this singer leave. The haunting “Don’t Hold Me” compels us to “Follow me around” as the song fades. In “The Last Time” he tells us “Cause, I put a spell on you. When I put my eyes on you.” We languish our love on this artist. And in the end, he spears us with the honest “How am I supposed to love you. When I don’t love who I am.” From “Half a Man”. The gorgeous piano rips through the song.

Dean Lewis – Be Alright (Official Video) – YouTube

Dean Lewis – Wikipedia

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