Tedeschi Trucks Band-Spotify release- “Signs”

The album “Signs” by Tedeschi Trucks Band is the ultimate in genre bending music art. They mix up soul, blues, rock ,jazz, funk, pop and gospel. Your head will spin as you witness the dynamism on each track. Starting with  “Sign, High Times”, their pristine lyrics wrap you up with the lyrics “floating on my back, hoping that I end up dry.” In track two “I’m Gonna Be There” you’ll elegantly swallow the guitar solos. We’re in Bonnie Raitt territory with the ballad “When Will I Begin.” You can’t resist the first line of the song “There are papers surrounding me. Keeping me buried. Beneath the sea. Smooth jazz runs through “Walk through this Life”. In  “Strengthen What Remains” the violins will soothe your aches as the lyrics “With all the tears you saved” enter your psyche. In “All the World” the gripping phrasing engrosses the lyrical melody. Your heart breaks from the lyrics “All the world is bleeding. I can feel it. The growl in “They Don’t Shine” is rapturous.  The slow burn of the last track “The Ending” is belly full climax. Susan Tedeschi’s voice reckons brilliance.


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