Podcast of the Week-Dreyer and Loft

Copy chief editor Benjamin Dreyer has a new book and what better way to promote it than sitting down with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. This is a must for any writers and lovers of the English language. The second part of this podcast deals with a new book from Lorna Luft dealing with the 1954 Judy Garland version of A Star is Born. You’ll learn about the foibles about the release of the film and the ruthless editing that destroyed the clarity of the film. Addictive tidbits for film buffs and Judy Garland devotees as we come to the 50th anniversary of her death that coincides with the Stonewall riots.



3 thoughts on “Podcast of the Week-Dreyer and Loft

  1. Will definitely be listening! Loved Luft’s book; even though not as thorough or detailed as Ronald Haver’s in-depth book from 1987 or so, it made for great reading. And her personal connections to the production made it very compelling.

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      1. Yes. That’s actually my favorite version. The first time I saw it was a little hard for me; I didn’t understand why there were stills on-screen. It was later that someone explained to me what had happened and that led to me seeking out Haver’s book on the whole ordeal. (You’re correct; he was the one who rescued the footage and soundtrack we thankfully have today.) Prior to that, I had loved the 1937 version but Garland’s take on the tale was something else. What a tour-de-force. I do hope we one day get a fully-restored version but, given the instability of film stock and the trouble even Haver had finding the discarded footage, I think the best we’ll ever see is that refurbishment with the still photos.


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