Linda Vista

Linda Vista is a spellbinding hysterical drama filled with lush dialogue that keeps you engaged that you aren’t cognizant of the two hour and fifty-minute running time. This middle life crisis plot is so richly rewarding that you forget we’ve heard this story a multitude of times. With a turntable set used to stunning effect, the action never lags. Tracy Letts has such a strong voice that in another playwright’s hand you’d worry about preachiness or clichés. His ear for dialogue is pristine. Right up there with Justin Tanner. The way elements of the METOO movement are included are brilliant. The standing ovation for the cast was a glorious cathartic release. 2019 Theater is starting off with a big bang.

2 thoughts on “Linda Vista

  1. I saw “Green Book” yesterday and ,while I loved it, I still think “Bohemian Rhapsody” should get the Oscar. Have you seen either of them?


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