Poem of the Week-Driftwood Sleep

The queen bed tortures my frame

Stillness freezes my rotator shoulder

Flip right, flip left

Crush my organs

Plummet my stomach

The friend’s song keeps repeating

The loving cuddle tried

Why didn’t the gas-x work?

Or the lemon ginger tea

Or the meditation prayer

Or the 10mg buspirone generic Buspar

Or the high after the spurting Blood Moon

After my AKBAR story

Whistling applause can’t make slumber

Hips are grinding into my sciatica

A draft confuses my toes

After the alarm I want to hide in the covers

Don’t listen to the political science

Concentrate on shut eye

Don’t admit insomnia

Hold off the I-phone social media

Splash my corneas drenched in dried up

Muro 128 5% solution

Driftwood the remains of the day

Twist my story

Pray that history doesn’t repeat itself.

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