Observations-Billy Reed’s

Billy Reed’s is a throwback to the old-fashioned comfort food days of dining. As you enter this red walled palace, you’ll experience the déjà vu of the 1960’s. Floor to ceilings pictures clutter the wall haphazardly. If you blink you might think you are in a Victorian home. The quirky diverse patrons are inviting. The young waiter had enough spiraling black hair to thrill your appetite. The patience of a saint as he twirled the table showering each guest with answers to their every whim. The bus boy gave him a run for his money in his masculine sedated charm. The perfectly coifed beard made us jump with glee. Each course gives the evening momentum. The charm of the corn bread or garlic bread or banana bread makes the most gluten intolerant person stare and wonder why they ever let their doctor insisted on this dietary prison. The blue cheese dressing exploded on salads. Those who dared the split pea soup with ham as a spice, devoured each slurp without missing a beat. The array of meat, saucy chicken and fish entrees peppered with carrots and sweet potatoes left each guest fully satisfied beyond their wildest dreams. No deserts could be considered.  You owe it to yourself to experience Billy Reed’s once so you can cross it off your bucket list.


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